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This Website contains Tutorials about HTML, JavaScript, PHP and C Languages.
Tutorials with Example and Images.
We also Post Tutorials from User Request. Requesting Tutorial you have to send your Request on our Official E-Mail Address:
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About Me : ProgrammingHead Website Admin

My name is Shubham, I'm a BCA Graduate. I'm 22 years Old and I'm from a small town from Himachal Pradesh.
I have interest in Web-Development and Web-Designing. So You can say it's my Hobby.
Except for Web-Development and Web-Designing, my Hobbies are :
Online Gaming,
Playing Cricket (i don't like to Watch Cricket),
Listing to Soft Pop/Rock/Bass Havey/EDM/Rap Music,
Watching Movies (Mostly Romantic and Family Movies BTW my Fav Movies are "Pretty Women, Frozen, Hitch, Forever my Girl, Juno, Tangled, Blended, Lootera 'Bollywood', Aarya 'tollywood', Classic ' Korean', Our Time 'Korean' ETC" :p).

Future Plans :

I'm not sure about my Future plans but This Web-Site I have some Great Plans.
will create Practical Tutorial Videos so the user can Understand my Content Easly and more efficiently.
Live Tutorials:
I'm also thinking about Live Tutorials on Google Youtube Platform so users can ask and Get their Answers Quickly.
Multiple Languages :
Right now our Website only Support one Language (English -US) but in future, we will provide Tutorials in Multiple Languages by using Google Translate or Mentally.
And So Much More ..... :)